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It has been an honor supplying your leather needs for the past ten years. Thank you all for your loyal support, friendship, and creativity along this journey. It is with great pleasure that I announce I have sold the leather section only of The Lipstick Ranch to Graham and Wendy at Best Beads. They will try to minimize the downtime of the website for this transition. Graham and Wendy will carry all the leather you have grown to love and trust and expand the line with some inspiring additions. I am no longer able to fill any leather orders. Please note, you can purchase all other Lipstick Ranch products as usual through this website.

For immediate leather orders and leather assistance, please call Best Beads at 727-321-2486.

Deerskin Lace Double Wrap Leather Cuff
EZ Leather Fringe Tassel Caps EZ Leather Fringe Tassels (Economical Shorty Size - 1 Foot Wide)
EZ Leather Fringe Tassels (Medium Size) EZ Leather Fringe Tassels (Small Size)
Floral Cut Out Leather Cuff Large/Extra Large Leather Cuff
Leather Flowers Shredded Leather Chokers
Shredded Leather Cuff Shredded Leather Necklaces
Small/Medium Leather Cuff Thin Leather Cuff